The "WebToken"

Besides a cool buzzword, what could a "WebToken" possibly be? 
Well, since human users mostly interact with cloud services through the "Universal Client", the Internet browser, this probably means that such a token scheme must be integrated with the browser in some way, right? 
Because tokens are supposed to be secure, there should be a way to maintain token integrity even in the harsh open Internet environment; otherwise we may better stick to passwords forever! 
Finally, we can't ignore that Mobile Devices have become the shortest path to the Internet. 
Here follows a short list of some desirable properties for a token scheme that could work for everything from bloggers to government agencies:

For those who are heavy into authentication technologies, I have compiled a set of links to the most important documents. 
Note that this is work-in-progress and contents may change from day to day! In addition, documents, software and hardware are not always "in sync". 
SKS/KeyGen2 - Executive Level Presentation
SKS API Description
KeyGen2 Protocol Description
JSON Clear Text Signature Description
WebCrypto++ Conceptual Specification
Open Hardware Development Platform TBD
SKS integration in a CPU
Open Software Project
Java API Documentation
Secure Key Store - Reference Implementation Java source code
JUnit KeyGen2 Output JUnit Printout
Application Note: Remote Key Unlock
Public Domain Invention Disclosure

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