Authentication Token for the "Cloud"

Besides a cool buzzword, what could an authentication token for the cloud possibly be? 
Well, since human users mostly interact with cloud services through the "Universal Client", the Internet browser, this probably means that such a token scheme must be integrated with the browser in some way, right? 
Because tokens are supposed to be secure, there should be a way to maintain token integrity even in the harsh open Internet environment; otherwise we may better stick to passwords forever! 
Finally, we can't ignore that Mobile Phones have become the shortest path to the Internet. 
Here follows a short list of some desirable properties for a token scheme that could work for everything from bloggers to government agencies:

For those who are heavy into authentication technologies, I have compiled a set of links to the most important documents. 
Note that this is work-in-progress and contents may change from day to day! In addition, documents, software and hardware are not always "in sync". 
SKS/KeyGen2 - Executive Level Presentation
SKS API Description
KeyGen2 Protocol Description
JSON Clear Text Signature Description
Open Hardware Development Platform TBD
SKS integration in a CPU
Open Software Project
Java API Documentation
Secure Key Store - Reference Implementation Java source code
JUnit KeyGen2 Output JUnit Printout
Application Note: Remote Key Unlock
Public Domain Invention Disclosure

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